MaxScript & Rigging

Face rig

This is a presentation of a facial rig that I usually do. Rig is created with morph targets wired via script controllers to control objects. I also hold credits for modeling this character. You can see a render image in my portfolio on a home page, and also in a gallery.


Rigging a car with MaxScript

This is a demonstration of MaxScript that I wrote for automatic car rigging. I will also upload a script file soon.

Flower Rig

This is a small rigging reel that I created. Those rigs and models are used in MTV Jukebox Opener produced in Fried Pictures studio.
I used 3ds Max and MaxScript for rigging.

Book rig

This is a book rig that I did for a “Stories about songs” TV opener, produced in Fried Pictures studio. Rig is a combination of a bones and morphing animation.


3 Responses to MaxScript & Rigging

  1. james says:

    Would you be willing to share your flower rig? Im learning and would love to explore your work. Thank you.

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Milan … realy great stuff you got there … nice work and the animations are great . I am new at this and working hard … i am actualy doing a reel for my course in 3D that will end start of next year 2016 … i would love to show you my idea for the reel .. short anim of a man in the woods and plants and one espacially loving and caring … this is what brings me here … could you make a tutorial or a short way to get that rig to work like yours do ? Is a sciript more efficient for the flower movement ?? I would appriciate it if you would help a new 3d artist that wants to work in the movies animated ones cartoon like etc … Juste love the movement of things and anxious to learn more and more . Great big thanks even in the negative . Regards … a new admiror . 😉

  2. Nick says:

    Hi i have been looking at your work and to be honest am amazed on the quality. i Have just purchased a copy of poser and was wondering if you know how to rig a book for animation in poser as you have on your site and youtube. I have used blender before now but wanted to up my game a little by trying new things. I am just a hobbyist and not in the business, but love to learn new software to achieve what i want to do. If you dont have a tutorial i can watch/purchase do uou know where i can find one. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

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