Childish Looking SF Shotgun

This is something I did in PhotoShop. The main idea for this concept is to create a simple childish looking SF shotgun. Whole inspiration comes from game “Borderlands”.

3d Artist portfolio

Beginners guide for making a portfolio for the first time, part one You have completed the course of 3D computer graphic, got your diploma or learned the craft from video tutorials! Now it’s time to show what you have learned and find a job in the industry. How to make a good portfolio? You have a big challenge before you. What’s the next step? As an instructor in the School of Computer Graphics, I often have the opportunity to help people to make their first portfolio. This is a very complex task for someone who is new in 3d graphic. … Continue reading

MTV Videography Characters









I just added new renders into a gallery page. Those characters are the main protagonists of MTV Videography  show opener.



Miljan Novcic Showreel from Miljan Novcic on Vimeo. This is a reel of work made in Fried Pictures studio. My contribution for each shot is at the end of reel. Music is from “Howl’s moving castle” by Joe Hisaishi. Hope you’ll enjoy it.